ZORRO The Musical – Flamenco And Gipsy Kings

All-star cast and Tony nominated director put a new twist on the legendary hero


The story of Zorro has been told in a serial novel, TV series and major motion pictures. The cult character remains more popular today than that of Don Quixote. Now the story has been set to music.

Zorro cast

“ZORRO,” a musical based on the character made popular in the 1919 novel, “The Curse of Capistrano,” by Johnston McCulley, features the creative talents and flamenco sound of Gipsy Kings. The production runs through May 5 at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, Ga. A regional or national is run also being considered.

The musical tells the story of Diego de la Vega, the man behind the masked outlaw fighting to restore order in Spanish colonial California. When he returns home from Spain, he discovers his father is dead and his brother is running Los Angeles. Diego must resort to extreme measures to free the people from his brother’s oppressive rule without being discovered. The theatrical story of this legendary hero is told through the lens of flamenco culture.




Story Remains Pertinent


While the tale is set in 19th century California, the message remains relevant to today’s audiences, according to director Christopher Renshaw. “With the increasing and very welcome strength of the Latin American voice in U.S. politics, ‘ZORRO’ is very well timed—not only with its heavy Latin and Spanish cultural and musical influences, but in its time and setting,” he explains.

The story takes place when Spain was losing its grip on a colonized California, and when for a couple of weeks California actually became an independent country, according to Renshaw.


The Tony nominated director is proud of his multi-ethnic cast, which was put together with collaboration with two talented casting directors—Jody Feldman at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta and with Broadway casting talent Jay Binder. “As for the creative team, it is a fantastic blend of West End, Royal Shakespeare Company and Broadway regulars with the talents of two of Madrid’s best flamenco talents, Saulo Garrido and Rafael Amargo,” explains Renshaw.

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