When Disaster Strikes Small Business

Put your customers’ well-being first by extending a sincere helping hand


As marketers, we should have our customers’ well-being as our No. 1 priority. It is a fact that without customers, you will have no sales and without sales there will be no profit. If you have a business that touches the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area consider campaigns that help its recently battered residents – it is the time to seriously divert any investment from, sometimes esoteric, sustainability efforts and invest in palpable actions that will help your customers even at a short-term loss. The long-term goodwill will remunerate you a hundredfold (okay, maybe just tenfold).

Consider the corner deli or local restaurant without power. Is it possible you could open and distribute food and water to those communities for free? Chances are the food would have gone bad anyway due to the lack of refrigeration. How about giving incentive to your employees to go out and assist the Red Cross in its shelter operations? Or maybe just using part of your call center lines (If you have a larger company) to help with donation collection or answering calls about the well-being of a neighborhood to worried out-of-state family and friends.

This is only a top-of-mind list of things that could really help; it’s by no means exhaustive. Realistically we know that legal liability checks need to be performed but seriously, the time is now to try to do anything you can to help out your affected customers. In the age of social media your actions will most likely not only be applauded by your immediate market but also broadcast by the digital power of tweets and Facebook statuses.

Just remember the following:

1) Be transparent.
2) Mean it (from your heart, not your pocket).
3) Don’t gloat about it – let your customers do that for you.

Customer empathy is Marketing 101.

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