What Professional Recruiters Can Do For You

What Professional Recruiters Can Do For You

I speak from experience when I say that there is nothing more important to a company than its employees and that Professional Recruiters can be essential to finding the most qualified candidates. Businesses, law firms, and corporate legal departments use Recruiters to identify candidates that closely match the required qualifications and experience for a position. Deciding to use a Recruiter in your job search is a personal decision that can help pave the path to a successful job search. Newly minted and seasoned attorneys, paralegals, and all manner of business professionals will find that working with a Recruiter can be critical when looking for employment.

When should you establish a relationship with a recruiter? The sooner the better. Establishing a relationship with a recruiter early on in your career, or as soon as you decide you need a fresh start, will pay dividends. The idea is to develop and nurture a partnership that will evolve into a successful long-term business relationship.

Establishing a relationship with a Recruiter is great when you’re actively looking for a new opportunity, but is most ideal when you are passively looking. That is, you do not necessarily want to leave your current employer, but you are interested in learning about opportunities in your area of expertise. Being happily employed is a true gift, but circumstances beyond your control, such as mergers, dissolutions, restructuring, relocating and economic downturns, can quickly escalate your search for a new position without notice. Having an established connection with a Recruiter will increase the chances of identifying new positions and landing a new job.

Top five reasons to work with a Recruiter:

  1. We Have a Large Network: Recruiters have strong ties to the legal community, both locally and nationally, and maintain a vast network of contacts made up of Office Administrators, CEOs, CFOs, Hiring Managers, Partners, General Counsel, Human Resource Managers, and Talent Acquisition Managers. Recruiters leverage these contacts to learn about 1) career opportunities that may or may not be public, 2) mergers, 3) acquisitions, and 4) a host of other business activities that can create career opportunities for candidates.
  2. We See Beyond the Resume: Making a great employment match goes beyond the right skills and qualifications and transcends into the culture, personality traits, and personal preferences. Recruiters see beyond a resume and identify strengths and weaknesses in a candidate during the match-making process. The Recruiter will “dig deep” to get to know the candidate on a personal level in order to understand career goals, both short and long term, preference for company size, business specialty, desired compensation and key benefits. Recruiters also know their clients, their culture, and the personalities of the supervisor or the team the position will report to.
  3. We Provide Sound Career Advice: Recruiters have their finger on the market’s pulse. We understand the job market, the hottest practice areas, emerging industries, and the art of crafting an eye-catching resume and LinkedIn profile. A Recruiter will be strategic about your job search and will help develop a resume persuasively geared to your target audience.
  4. We Are Your Ambassador: Although Recruiters are retained by the business, law firm or corporate legal department, they pursue opportunities based on a candidate’s interests, introduce you to potential employers for the roles you qualify for and will negotiate the terms of your employment to ensure a rewarding placement.
  5. We Are Your Partner: Whether you are casually interested in learning about the job market in your area or actively embarking on a job search, the Recruiter is your partner. We are not just another tool in your arsenal when uncovering new opportunities but will play an active supporting role in your journey. We will complement the other activities you engage in, such as networking and submitting resumes to open positions on your own. Recruiters will make introductions to new business connections, will funnel your resume to the right decision-maker, assist in developing a wish list of ideal employers, and will do what is necessary to support your efforts.

Aida Rodriguez

Take it from me, building a relationship with a Recruiter is critical in today’s increasingly challenging job market. Even if you are not currently seeking a new opportunity, do not wait until the immediate need arises. Contact a Recruiter to lay the groundwork for your next successful career placement.

Aida C. Rodriguez, CEDS
Division Director | Beacon Hill Legal
[email protected]m


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