What Kind of Under Stress Boss Are You?

Four insights to identify your behavior as a leader on stress.


Editor’s note: This is part  two of a two part article. Part one is entitled Are You Causing Second Hand Stress Among Your Employees?

What kind of under stress Boss are you?

1.  The Very Busy Boss:

The very busy under stress boss is frequently running around trying to put out fires. Often this boss talks and moves quickly, firing off emails, moving through the workplace, jumping in and trying to solve all the problems usually on his or her own.

The busy boss often expects everyone in the workplace to keep up and when others don’t the boss can believe that their employees are not committed enough to the organization. This can result in employees who feel insecure and unable to focus on their work at hand.
2.   The Angry Boss:

Just as it sounds the angry boss is quick to become upset, argue, accuse and find fault including in public. The angry boss does not listen to explanations, often calling explanations excuses.

Among many outcomes of this type of boss is an increase in employees leaving or infighting among employees as they duck for cover and try to avoid getting in the bosses line of sight.
3.   The Missing Boss:

The missing boss can include the boss who is avoiding the situation by staying away or who is withdrawing from the situation by staying home and is generally avoiding communication.

This type of boss leaves a void in the organization that causes employees to lose confidence and become uncertain about the direction of the organization, which can cause paranoia to set-in as employees believe the boss is giving up and they have to watch their own backs more carefully.
4.   The Indecisive Boss:

The indecisive boss may feel he or she is weighing all options or being inclusive of others ideas as a way of making decisions but the indecisive leader fails to provide leadership and direction.

An indecisive boss leaves a similar void as the missing boss, in that employees lose confidence and direction. Additionally the indecisive boss can paralyze the organization with confusion, as decisions are either not made or they are changed and remade repeatedly.

If you are an under stress boss you might manifest any or all of these characteristics at various times.

Therefore it is important on a regular basis to take stock in how well you are managing your stress and identify if you are exhibiting any of these under stress characteristics.

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Tara Orchard
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