What Is Happening to Youth Sports? Part 2- “Let Kids Be Kids” [Video]
Baseball coach giving instruction to teen baseball boy.

In part 2 Latin Biz Today’s Dave Torromeo continues the conversation with Bob Dobkowski of FSBE Future Sports Business Executives.

Part 2 follows What Is Happening to Youth Sports? Part I [Video]. Please find part 2 videos and highlights for both parts below:

Is baseball at the youth level truly serving the youths? Is it serving the sport? Let’s talk to somebody who’s been involved in baseball his entire life. Bob Dobkowski is a friend and a former teammate of mine from Long Island. We played football and baseball together for years before I moved away. Bob went on to have a very solid career in college as well as some pro ball. He’s probably the best player I’ve ever seen play at the youth level. When I tell you he was “legit” I am not exaggerating (but don’t tell him this, because I don’t want him to get a big head).

He is still one of my favorite people, not just as an athlete but as a friend. Bob has been involved in baseball at every level and can tell us a little bit about what’s going on as he sees it first-hand with his sons who are involved with the game at various levels, as a former player, coach, team owner and administrator. Bob and his team have formed an FSBE (Future Sports Business Executives) Academy in Florida to help homeschoolers find a place to play ball.

Please understand as you watch the interview, that this is not a condemnation of any particular organization or group. We realize that there are many options for baseball players at the youth level and there are many people out there giving individual lessons and forming “All-Star” teams, perhaps giving false hopes to parents who will gladly pay to get the best opportunities for their children.

None of this, on the surface, is bad. But a lot of it is a pure money grab. Again, this is not limited to baseball, but let’s examine this sport first.

Let’s get the kids back outside playing and being creative again!

Let’s let the kids play multiple sports.

Let’s stop worrying about the college scholarships and when they’re going pro.

Let kids be kids—if they have athletic or artistic ability, they will show it!

Please, let them play for the love of the game(s)!

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