We’re Kicking It Old School With 7 Traditional Marketing Tools!

Every startup should be utilizing these tools today.


In what has become the digital era we find ourselves inundated with advertisement, strategies, videos, images from social media and digital marketing campaigns.

Trying to find your space within the more than ever crowded social media platforms available. Platforms can sometimes be a challenge, from deciding on which one is right for you and your message, what image to use, the right text.

No matter how much marketing dollars you spend in digital marketing it can well start to feel like throwing drops of water over the stove, where it just evaporates in front of our eyes and you are not sure of what just happened or where did it all go.

For this reason, I invite you to take a break and revisit what has not failed in the past and apply it today. Here are my top seven old school marketing tools that are sure to create a buzz for you when applied correctly.

1. Chambers of Commerce:

Most cities across America and the world have chambers of commerce, these bring together local business owners for one same goal: “Bring customers through the door”.

The chambers of commerce will usually have as members the local businesses from the city they represent. The businesses may be the traditional brick & mortar, service providers or business run from home.

If you are just starting out, they will be a great resource to have on your side, as many of its members are residents from the local area, they will know most politicians, government employees, etc. and will know how to navigate the local burocracy, so you will not have to kill yourself learning the “How to” around the town you are looking to establish yourself in.

Memberships are usualy inexpensive and affordable for a stat-up. Chambers of commerce will host many networking events throughout the year, sometimes street fairs for local vendors and even educational workshops for its members.

Lastly, what better future client to have than your own neighbors! So go out and join a chamber today, you will not regret it.

2. Trade Associations:

These are still pretty popular, because you will find like-minded professionals from your field or line work.

Trade associations will most likely run at a national level, sometimes regional, but never local. You will find them to be a much larger group of people, than a chamber of commerce.

Still the trade association are an invaluable tool for networking with other individuals in your same or similar line of work, it is a space where you can learn from one another, support, and even why not obtain referrals.

Most associations will host either an annual trade show with an educational component to them, or an annual symposium of sorts. Do attend as these events are a resource on its own, you will learn the latest and best in tools of the trade.

Keep in mind that most trade associations will publish member listings both online and hard copies for people that seek to hire in your profession or purchase your type of product.

3. Direct mailing:

Now who said the post office is dead. I say NO, by all means it is still the cheapest way to reach any potential client.

You have multiple ways of utilizing this tool, but first you will need to create a marketing piece with a clear, concise message and call to action. Do be sure to get a professional designer to create this piece, as a first impression is always the most important impression.

This is your way of introduction into a community and by all means you want to look not only good but very professional.

Once you have the mailing piece, what do you do with it? First you can rent a mailing list that can be a targeted by profession or interest or age, whatever your target is seek that list and rent it.

Another way to approach this can be to coordinate with your local post office and send your mailing piece by the zip code you wish to target, this can be one zip code at a time, or multiple, or the entire country, it’s up to you and the budget you have allocated.

Last step: mail it out and expect calls and most importantly whatever you do, always always call the client back.

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Andrea Giraldo
Andrea Giraldohttps://giraldofarms.com
Andrea Giraldo, Partner, Director Translation Initiatives, has spent the last ten years helping people introduce their products to the US market, start new businesses as well as helping take existing businesses to the next level. A creative thinker and entrepreneur, she is founder/owner of Giraldo Farms, importing coffee that is in nationwide distribution. Giraldo has a degree in Business and Economic Development from Fordham University and considered an expert in international trade. She has been providing bilingual advisement to small businesses in the New York Metro area for the last six years.

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