Valuable Lessons Learned From My Hispanic Family




Senen’s paternal granfather 
My paternal grandfather went a different route and started out as a door to door salesman. Sadly, his business was cut short by the Cuban Revolution. Upon realizing the climate in Cuba was no longer suitable for running a business or a raising a family, he took my grandmother; father; and two uncles to the US. While, difficult at first considering my family came with nothing but the clothes on their backs, my grandparents persevered; and, eventually, my grandfather was able to purchase a gas station and mechanic shop. Eventually, my uncle would take over the business and start a used car dealership on the property as well. Now, the location operates a thriving liquor store business owned by my uncle. It was my grandfather who showed me the value of fulfilling one’s responsibilities but never losing sight of your dreams and goals.

My other uncle would also follow the Hispanic entrepreneurial route from mowing lawns to helping with my grandfather’s gas station business to also operating his own two gas stations and then finally operating his construction and real estate business. Sadly, my uncle passed away after a long battle with cancer but my cousin (his son) would take the mantle and continue the business to this very day. My uncle taught me to always stay creative and think outside the box. There was always a solution; you just had to think it through.


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Senen’s father

Finally, my father always saw opportunities to be a business owner. He would join my uncle with the used car business and he would also own and operate his very own gas station and mechanic shop. Eventually, my father would enter the real estate market in constructing and selling single family residential homes. He continues to advance his real estate business today. Throughout my childhood, my father would always remind me to think big and always focus on being my own boss and controlling my own destiny.

As can been seen from the various examples, I had a wealth of influence from my family that has had a profound effect on my life to this very day. I am thankful to have had them in my life and still look to them for guidance, motivation, and inspiration. One day I hope to be able to bestow the same effect on future generations in my family.

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Senen Garcia
Senen Garcia
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