Valuable Lessons Learned From My Hispanic Family

Hispanic Heritage Month- I hope to be able to bestow the same effect on future generations in my family.

Throughout my life, I always endeavored to own a business to both create and control my own future. This mindset was fostered by both sides of my family. As a result, my family’s influence shaped who I am and where I am today. I decided to list some of the lessons I learned from those in my family who had an important bearing on my life.

On my mother’s side

Senen’s maternal grandmother

Hispanic Heritage Latin Business Today 

Senen’s maternal grandfather
The first relative on my mother’s side was my grandfather and his dream of being a physician. At first, he was pushed into getting a degree in education by my great grandmother. After getting his education degree, he then went on to pursue his medical degree. Upon receiving his medical degree, my grandfather would eventually break ground on a medical clinic. Unfortunately, my grandfather would pass away before seeing the fruit of his labor. However, to this day, his clinic is still in existence and still in operation. What his story taught me was chasing your dream until it becomes a reality.

In addition to my grandfather’s success, other members of the family also had an impact on my life’s direction. My mother’s uncle (grandfather’s brother) was also a physician and ran a successful medical practice. When the Cuban Revolution took hold, he left to the US and started his practice once again. Despite the hardships and having to start from scratch and getting his medical license in the US, he would again have a successful practice. His experience taught me to not let uncontrollable circumstances affect your goals in life and to find a way to make them happen no matter what.

Furthermore, many of my mother’s cousins would come together to start a construction company in the US after arriving to this country with nothing. They started repairing and constructing single family homes. They eventually expanded to construct whole communities and custom built, high end homes. They showed me anything is possible and that while you may be small today there’s no limit to one’s success.

There are so many other examples from another of my mother’s cousin’s medical practice to my mother’s godfather’s medical lab and rental property business. I have been virtually surrounded by business owners.

However, not to be left out was my grandmother. When my grandmother (pictured above) arrived in the US, she began work in a factory and eventually became a teacher all while supporting my mother and my great grandmother. However, on the side, my grandmother negotiated with a wholesale jeweler to sell to the then small, but growing, local Hispanic community.

As a result of her organization skills and connections, she began making considerable money with her jewelry business. Through her organization skills, she was able to keep track of her sales and customer accounts. Eventually, she would generate enough money through her jewelry business to help purchase a home without the need of a mortgage and even bought my mother a new car for her to drive to school and work. My grandmother taught me about multitasking and staying organized in your business. It was her model of organization and multitasking that I copied when I started my first business at age 12.

On my father’s side

Hispanic Heritage Latin Business Today

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Senen Garcia
Senen Garcia
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