‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…So We Drove to the Mall!
Last minute Christmas shopping

Enjoy, be yourself and surround yourself with those who are most accepting of you.


I assure you this is not what Clement Clarke Moore envisioned when he wrote his very famous poem back in 1823.

The holiday season with all of its festivities, food, drinking, and celebrations can be a welcomed time for some and a dreaded chore for others. There are some people who anxiously await to put up their decorations, lights, ribbons, and bows and who can’t get their gift shopping done early enough.

These are those we love to hate, who have bought all of their gifts by March at half price, have them beautifully wrapped by July, and then have nothing to do come November but truly enjoy the season as it was meant to be.

They also “hang the stockings by the chimney with care” and “have visions of sugar-plums dancing in their heads”.

What is a sugar-plum anyway?

They have time for throwing parties, baking cookies, and shopping for the pleasure of it– not because they have to!

Who are these people, and how did they get this way???  Surely this can’t be normal!

Then there are the rest of us who would rather just take a long winter’s nap and wake up in spring to birds chirping and flowers blooming.

Yup, that would be a modern-day Scrooge to me!  These people, (myself included), wait to the end unsure as to what gifts to buy, who to shop for, and how much money to spend.  The dilemma is truly overwhelming and it repeats itself year after year.

Self-promises of changing behaviors dance in our heads just like those sugar plums, and every year, we ask St. Nick to help us figure it out for next year.

Well, no matter how many times your Santa List repeats the request, or many years go by where you find yourself promising to “do it better next year”, here are three things you can do NOW that will improve your holiday season IMMEDIATELY.  Here goes

Shopping Partner

Find yourself a partner and shop.  Whether it’s a girlfriend, parent, sister, or daughter, go do it.  I was having difficulty finding my inspiration to shop, and taking my 14-year old daughter was the best thing I could have done.

What started out as a dreadful “scrooge-like” event for me alone turned into a wonderful afternoon filled with successful shopping, conversation, lunch, and laughter.  Somethings are just best done with a friend!

Decorate One Space

Decorating for the holidays can be overwhelming and putting the decorations away even more so!  Often times if you wait too long to setup, you begin to question if it’s even worth doing it at all.  This year I decided to take only one major space in my home and place my attention there.

My living room is filled with candles, the Christmas tree, lights, pillows, and everything holiday! 

Everything about it screams Christmas…but it is all contained and will help me later when it’s time to put away things.

This makes me happy!

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