Turn Your Latino Culture Into a Selling Advantage…Not Just Because You Speak Spanish





4.  Long Term – Relationship

Relationship seems to always come to the top or near the top in building a strong selling career.

The idea of just being good at prospecting or closing deals can work over the short term, but definitely not long term. We have learned in our research over and over since 1995, that Latino customers and salespeople are much more loyal, even more loyal when they are taken care of properly.

Although this may not be obvious to you as a Latino in sales, make sure you work everyday to build your sales and build loyalty in your customers.

This way of being more committed over the long-term will definitely pay big dividends in your customers coming back and being so loyal, they will also use some of their influence with their “parientes” to refer you even more business.

5.  Language and Common Ground

Having the language advantage is huge, but strongest if you combine this with the four points previously discussed. I grew up in Canada and in the last business there where I was a sales manager, we spoke 7 languages, all native speakers.

Our greatest advantage in the use of the language was also our ability to relate to the cultures that came with each language.

As a Latino, no matter where the customer came from in the Spanish speaking world, I would start out every conversation by learning about them and where in our Latino world they came from. The common identities I always learned were about family, trust, traditions, and living by shared values that are part of who we are.

Therefore, thinking that the language advantage is all you need, in my experience, is a big mistake.

In summary

In summary, I want to make sure I clarify some of my comments.

First of all, according to my latest search, there are 22 Spanish speaking countries (only four of which I have never been to), and I can confirm that not all Latino cultures are exactly the same. However, I can tell you that there are many things in common that Latinos share, and as described, many can give you an advantage in selling.

I would also like to note that one of the 22 countries listed as Spanish speaking is the United States, as Spanish is the #2 language spoken and is projected to be the most spoken language in the country by the year 2050 according to the Cervantes Institute.  

Therefore, Spanish speakers could outnumber English speakers in the USA. If this is true, why not take advantage of our cultural advantages as Latinos and maximize our selling potential?

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Jaime Hernandez
Jaime Hernandez
Jaime “Jim” Hernandez, is president of Strategic Business Communications, Inc. which ranked #4122 in INC magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies in America. He contributes a column about marketing for Latin Business Today. A motivational speaker, marketing consultant and trainer, Jim has worked with more than 30 businesses in the U.S. and abroad. He is a member of the National Advisory Board of MYM, and has been a guest lecturer on sales and marketing at the University of San Diego.

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