Top 10 Marketing and Research Tips

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Fundamental approaches for Hispanic businesses to engage Hispanic consumers.


According to the Census Bureau, Hispanics accounted for 56% of U.S. population growth in the past 10 years; and their power already exceeds $1 trillion. Marketing effectively to this burgeoning audience requires a commitment to understanding its complexity. Here are 10 insights that can take your Hispanic marketing and research efforts to the next level.

1. There are many types of “Hispanic consumer”:

Gone are the days when the only segmentation done of Hispanics is on language use or acculturation. Increasingly, marketers need to look at how Hispanics interact with a specific category and brand.

2. Integration vs. isolation:

When you treat Hispanics as part of the new American mainstream, you consider their issues as you develop your overall strategy. Doing so is the best way to avoid condescension, language miscues, and message confusion.

3: Translation is not the issue:

Simple translation of general-market efforts from English to Spanish can be sadly obvious to Hispanics. Culturally attuned messages are key.

4. Young Latinos want to be known for WHO they are, not WHAT they are:

This applies not just to Latinos, of course – but to youths of all colors.

To be relevant to them, you have to focus on what defines them as individuals; just ask a U.S.-born Salvadoran break dancing soccer player who loves to play the guitar and snowboard might attest. The big story in the Hispanic space is the bilingual/bicultural segment.

5.  Mom knows best:

Even among Bicultural and many acculturated households, it is still mostly Mom who does the shopping.

But she doesn’t think it’s all about her. Hispanic household heads go to extraordinary lengths to keep their families clean, fed and content. And the content part can include some indulgences, even when budgets are stretched. Capturing the importance of kids, spouses and family in your marketing enables you to share in that magic.

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