Top 10 Careers for Achieving Work-Life Balance
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While we should all shoot for work-life balance regardless of our specific careers, it’s safe to say there are some jobs that make the balance part easier.

If you’re thinking about a career change or just starting out, here are some of the jobs considered to be the best for achieving work-life balance:

1. Orthodontist

Average Salary: $208,000

Education: Doctorate

Aside from having one of the best salaries in the country, being an orthodontist is not one of the most high stress professions. These two things combined with the fact that the job doesn’t involve a great deal of emergency care, can make easing into after-work hours or the weekend much easier.

2. Data Scientist

Average Salary: $94,280

Education: Bachelor’s degree

You don´t need to study forever to be a data scientist. A strong understanding of statistics and computer programming is a must. This career is known to allow flexible hours and remote work, which can help when it comes to managing personal and professional time.

3. Dentist

Average Salary: $155,600

Education: Doctorate

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dentists work less than 40 hours a week, tend to have their own practice, and unemployment in their field is low. There are many years invested in education, but the pay and lifestyle end up being rewarding.

4. Medical and Health Services Manager

Average Salary: $100,980

Education: Bachelor’s degree

These are professionals who specialize in managing facilities that provide medical and health services. A medical and health services manager is usually in charge of the finances of the facility, hiring, training, and supervising employees. While these roles usually involve full-time positions, they tend to be mostly administrative and give some flexibility when it comes to the hours spent on site.

5. Software Developer

Average Salary: $107, 510

Education: Bachelor’s degree

In today’s world, working in anything related to software, computers or the digital sphere is probably the easiest way to take more control over your time. Remote, flexible, and well-paying are three conditions that, together, sound like heaven.

6. Recreation and Fitness Worker

Average Salary: $30,490

Education: High School Diploma

Imagine having fun all day and getting paid for it! There are many things you can do as a recreation or fitness worker. This includes becoming an aerobics instructor, camp counselor and director, recreation leader, and recreation and park director, among others. Many have the opportunity to work outdoors, seasonally or part-time, and they are doing things that directly benefit their bodies and minds.

7. Management Analyst

Average Salary: $85,260

Education: Bachelor’s

Management analysts are hired by companies or organizations to help improve efficiency. The job involves gathering data, interviewing and designing a strategy to improve the company. As consultants, management analysts might work and travel a lot for short periods of time, but have downtime in between projects, which can be very beneficial.

8. Interpreter and Translator

Average Salary: $51,830

Education: Bachelor’s

Translators and interpreters can work for various organizations, companies and institutions, and have the opportunity to work remotely and be self-employed. This is great when it comes to scheduling and making time for your personal activities. Plus, it’s considered to be a low-stress job.

9. Copy Editor

Average Salary: $44,387

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Copy editors clean up for writers. Punctuation, grammar, and spelling are your best friends. It’s writing but without the creative blocks and self-sabotaging neurosis.

10. Content Manager

Average Salary: $59,084

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Content managers are in charge of producing and publishing content. They take care of the writing, as well as the editing and proofreading. Compared to copy editors, the stress levels might be a bit higher, but content managers who are self-employed have more flexible time frames.

So, if you’re looking for a change or thinking about long term career and life goals, check out some of these professions!

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