Tito Puente Gets a Google Doodle Shout Out- Behind the Scenes [Video]

Tito Puente receives a rare honor with a Google Doodle…view the behind the scenes Google Doodle!

Tito Puente honored by Google for Hispanic Heritage Month.

See the Google Doodle video below and also Tito Puente Jr’s there part video tribute to his father

A Tito Puente Jr. Tribute to His Father’s Legacy [Video]

Tito Puente Jr Reminisces About His Father’s Venues- Part 2 [Video]

Tito Puente Jr – His Father Spanish and More- Part 3 [Video]

Enjoy the Good Doodle Animation video here & also (below this vis video)  the behind the Scene video, both videos courtesy of Tito Puente Jr

Enjoy the “behind the scenes” video courtesy of Tito Puente Jr!


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Latino Cuisine- Latino-Style Vegan Lasagna [Recipe]

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