Tina’s Entrepreneurial European Journey London The Final Day [Video]

Join Tina Trevino , in her final travel day, Latin Biz Today partner, director community relations during her European trip for her fashion line Tocaya.

Editor’s note: This is part 5 of a  5 part  series.

Hi Entrepreneurs,

Today is the final day of my Europe trip and it’s going to take all day just to get back to New York!

It’s been a fun adventure with you along the way to enjoy some of the sights, sounds and and tastes (if only vicariously thru me) in these 3 top fashion locales.

 Trevino and Friend LondonIf I had to put a quick snapshot of each citiy’s vibe when it comes to fashion, I’d say it like this…

• London is the most similar in feel to what American customers look for in their mass market silhouettes and styling. It’s just a bit faster with a some edge to it. They tend to like their sweaters a bit chunky and with some wool or animal fiber content in them which are 2 things NOT very American friendly.

• Paris is always much more refined, more chíc, tends to use finer qualities and trimmings and costs more than purchasing in London so I always take tons of photos in Paris as opposed to buying unless it’s truly something special that I feel I will get a nice ROI on.

• Barcelona has its share of great mass market stores which is fine but its unique factor comes into play in the older areas of the city like the Barri Gòtic & El Born where there are actual workshops within the stores where they are making the apparel and accessories to stock the store- much of their product is made very local or somewhere in Spain. Pieces and sizes are limited so it’s truly special. You can sometimes even request something to be made with a bit of alteration for you.


London LibertyThe biggest common denominator this season throughout the 3 cities was the fact that so many stores had marketing campaigns to support sustainability and eco-friendly yarns, fabrics and processes.

That’s a big trend. I’m curious to see how the consumer responds to this.

I hope you enjoyed the ride! I’d love to hear your feedback as to what you’d like to see and hear more of so I can better tailor my entrepreneurial stories to help you along your journeys as well!!

Catch you back in NY for more follow-up from this trip.

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