The Time is Now…”Re-gifting” Back to Yourself

The energy of your past actions and choices.


As you make a list of your life’s accomplishments you may find yourself toggling back and forth on feeling great about some successes and condemning yourself on some deep failures.

What also needs to be acknowledged is that life is made up of a series of events that eventually brings us to the present.  So whether you are pleased with this moment or not, you are here now and nothing can take you back to your past except what your mind allows.

The beauty in this reality is that every moment you have now is an opportunity to begin again. Take a moment and think about this. “Every moment from now on, you can BEGIN again.”

What a gift you have!

So whether its regrets about not finishing college, relationships that went wrong or never having told someone dear to you just how much you love them, now is the beginning of this first new moment.  It is taking something from the past and “re-gifting” it back to yourself!

The more energy you give your past by replaying your regrets in your mind, the less you allow yourself to move forward and start again.

Those little voices with very loud messages of all your failures and repeated regrets can be all consuming.

We must remind ourselves that just like we made those so-called poor choices in the past we also have the power to make new choices now.

When you process your series of events and where you’ve come from, recognize this moment of clarity.

Going through this process in itself should tell you that the lessons of your past have been learned.  Just like you can’t appreciate hot without cold, or happy without sad, so it is true that good must follow bad.

It’s the yin and yang of life.  It’s the constant flow of energy that pulls and tugs at us through life but is constantly moving us forward none the less. You have been moving yourself forward to arrive to this moment and you are here. You are Present!

The time is now and it belongs to you!

It is time to give yourself permission to do what you now know is right.

Be guided with your wisdom. Don’t let your self-doubt, guilt, or past fears keep you from moving forward.  Make a clear, conscious decision that the moment of “now” is here and yours for the taking. IT IS A GIFT FROM YOU TO YOU!

The energy of your past actions and choices has brought you to this very moment in time and it is time to give yourself permission to take it back.

Go ahead, take it, it belongs to you!

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Josi Gago
Josi Gago…Traveling Her Yellow Brick Road was born in Coral Gables, Florida to Cuban parents with roots from Spain and Morocco. Living in Haiti as a child was one of her most memorable experiences but returning to South Florida as a teenager, getting married and having 4 children was one of the most fulfilling. During her 25-year “corporate grind” in banking she found herself often lost in her work and saw marriage of 24 years gone. She also found that toxic relationships kill from the inside out and decided to make margaritas out of lemons. She worked on herself teaching yoga/meditation and even owned a juice bar for a while. Today she has 4 amazing adult children, has returned to corporate banking (on her terms) and is a happy empty nester with a cat named Sir Harry.