The Making of Latina Leaders

We are looking forwarding to celebrating our 16th symposium.

Last year, the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) published its annual list of Fortune’s magazine, 50 Most Powerful Latinas in corporate America. At our annual Latinas & Power Symposium it is our goal to triple the numbers of Latinas that make the cut on the list. 
Each year more women are putting aside their doubts, cultural traditions that hold us back, and other obstacles to achieve their career aspirations. The accomplishments of these Latinas, including our guest speakers at the 16th Annual Latinas & Power Symposium are significant.
Latinas & Power serves as a platform to support Latinas with resources and networking opportunities that will lead to advancement. It is also our mission to amplify Latina voices so that we continue to inspire the next generation of women who will be at the leadership helms. 
Any Latina can go from a c-level staff role to significant global operating roles. It is happening more than ever in large private firms and it is uplifting to see how many women entrepreneurs have successfully scaled their business into the middle market.  
What does it take? Well, the elements of Latina leadership is affected by culture, upbringing, education, relationships, and personalities play a role in the type of leader they ultimately become. And, it doesn’t help that Latinas’ progress is significantly underrepresented in major leadership positions, and despite the visible and invisible barriers that have prevented Latinas from climbing into leadership positions, Latinas are still threading through the labyrinth of obstacles and challenges they encounter. 
“I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took an excuse.” Florence Nightingale
Latinas in particular face a double standard or a concrete ceiling because of human capital investments, gender traits, stereotypes, and being part of an ethnic minority that is being attacked daily doesn’t help. Yet, the only way to wipe out these obstacles is for Latinas to increasingly keep pushing for leadership roles across all sectors in the United States, and to also push for equal representation in political and societal roles.
Working my way up the corporate ladder, I often had to remind myself, “You are enough,” whenever doubts set in. And in a corporate world heavily skewed to favor males, my insecurities rose often. It is sometimes hard for women, especially Latinas to believe in themselves or to truly appreciate the female strengths that makes us exceptional.
At this year’s symposium, I urge all women in attendance to listen to each of our guests’ story. And, to open up ask them questions. Each individual woman speaking has been shaped by different chapters in her life. But more importantly, those life experiences have shaped the kind of leader she has become. This year’s event will spotlight the challenges: Generation gap, gender differences, focusing on financial, legal and political inequality and social norms. 
We are proud to present positive Latina leader influences who have gotten to their positions with the support and encouragement from family, spouses, mentors and professional peers.  The leadership we are presenting will help younger generations prepare for advancement.
The 2019 Latinas & Power Symposium aims to provide benchmarks for Latinas to achieve success and to increase the representation of Latinas in significant leadership positions by providing valuable lessons, advice and helping Latinas understand the positive influences that can benefit them, as well as prepare them for the challenges they may face along the way.
We look forwarding to celebrating our 16th symposium with you.
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Marilyn Alverio
Creator/Founder, Latinas & Power
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