The Importance of “Authentic Self” as a Latina in Business [Video]

October celebrates Women in Small Business.  Lourdes Norton has been an entrepreneur for a decade.

Lourdes Norton, Argentinian-American, speaks with Theresa Kushner about doing business as a Latina in America. The theme covered is  importance of “Authentic Self” as a Latina Conducting Business in the U.S.

She owns and manages Twin Realty in Austin, Texas, in one of the hottest real estate markets in the U.S.  She talks about the challenges and also benefits of being a Latina businesswoman.  Lourdes started her career in corporate America, she knows well what Latinas must do to “fit in.”

Often, fitting in means not being your authentic self. Watch and listen as Lourdes expounds on this internal struggle.


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Lourdes Norton
Lourdes Norton
Lourdes Norton is the founder and owner of Twin Realty Group, Austin’s leading boutique residential real estate firm. With over ten years’ experience in business, marketing, and international affairs, Lourdes thrives on helping manage the transition of moving. In addition to helping her clients navigate the overwhelming processes involved in finding, funding, and purchasing a home, Lourdes finds incredible satisfaction in helping families procure the perfect home in which to build their lives, raise their children, and pursue their own version of the American dream. With a Master’s degree in International Affairs and a background in sales and project management, Lourdes is well-versed in serving the needs of a diverse community while demonstrating the kind of comprehensive leadership and multitasking skills crucial to closing the deal. Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian, Lourdes has crafted Twin Realty Group to serve the needs of every type of Austin resident, and expanded the company to assist multilingual clients and those making international relocations.