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Today’s Hispanic immigrants high risk and uncertain reward

The story of today’s Hispanic immigrant is slightly different. Many of today’s Hispanic immigrants face a very high risk/uncertain reward when making the decision to traverse a country’s border illegally and make his or her way to what they believe will be some sort of freedom. The men, women (often pregnant) and children that are risking their lives to come to the United States are doing so in an environment that is not very welcoming, a country that is in a kind of political and social “confusion” where the need for power, along with economic issues and greed, influence decisions from the leaders of our country that might otherwise be more intelligent.

I don’t know what the answer to these problems is but I pray for our country to have compassion and to make decisions that are good for everyone involved…decisions that are intelligent and wise and honor these courageous individuals and humanity as a whole.

The community of Hispanic immigrants and the heritage that we have brought to this country – the beauty and depth of our music, our dance, our food, our love for life, our passion for family, our commitment to tradition and education – have enriched this nation and contributed to its growth in more ways than can possibly be listed here.

The businesses we have started, the companies we have led and labored in, the music we have created, the lives we have made a difference for within the communities in which we live and work, the happiness and security we have fostered and created for our children and our families – these are the rewards for the risks we have taken!

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, let’s salute each and every single individual that has ever taken a stand to courageously step out of their own comfort zone to reach for a dream, because when dreams come true they nourish the soul of humanity.

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Lily Winsaft
Lily Winsaft
As CEO and Founder of Aldebaran Associates, Ms. Winsaft focused her 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience to create a company dedicated to addressing the hiring and training challenges facing corporations and professionals in the 21st Century. The firm provides highly selective recruiting services for fortune 500 companies in the consumer goods, advertising, marketing, legal, accounting, information technology and non-profit sectors. Given her notoriety in the Hispanic community and among international organizations, her firm plays a major role in boosting organizational diversity and in the placement of candidates at companies transacting business in Latin America or selling products and services to the U.S. Hispanic consumer segment.

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