The Boomer Generation Diet

How to lose over twenty pounds, and keep it off.


Whether your a Boomer or a Millennial weight loss, a healthy diet and lifestyle will maximize your quality of life. A heathly lifestyle doesn’t require going hungry, or tedious exercise…it’s more about play, choices and ejotying life. 

It’s also a crucial to a small business. How much is weight gain costing your business? 

Don’t Go Hungry

Hunger based dieting may deliver a short term weight reduction. But research says it will then lead to WEIGHT GAIN! We know that. We have all tried to go hungry to lose weight. It does not sustain weight loss.

A key best practice in this book is how to lose weight without going hungry. I have a metabolism where I am always thinking about my next meal. If I miss a meal (like skipping breakfast) then I end up eating a “super size me” next meal which is a fast track to fat! I just cannot go hungry.

Using the best practices in this book I never go hungry. Even with the amount of food I eat I am still losing weight. This book explains what to eat and how to snack. It explains how to lose weight without being hungry.

This also does not mean eating food that we do not enjoy eating. The foods I eat to keep from being hungry are foods I like to eat. To be frank I no longer run through the drive through grabbing a sugary soda and bag of fries. Instead I eat the foods identified in this book that taste good, are good for us and will sustain weight lose. They are convenience food without the fat!

Enjoy Life

I will absolutely not sustain a diet if it means I have to give up having fun. I love dinner parties with friends. What would a good dinner party be like without happy hour and desserts?

Following the best practices of this diet I enjoy a dinner party every week. Even so, I have lost over thirty pounds. I am still losing a pound or two per month.

Here’s what the research says. Dieting is stressful. Stress is a driver behind weight gain. (Those of us who have raised teenagers need no remainders!!)

The Boomer Generation Diet creates a path for having fun to release the tensions surrounding weight loss. It works. This is not eating your cake and having it too. But it is a way to have those special moments of enjoyment that relieves stress.

The key aspect of this diet is that, while there is change, there is no pain. NONE! You do not go hungry. You get to enjoy a dessert and not feel guilty. You can still enjoy sunsets and happy hour with loved ones and friends. That is how powerful these best practices are in enabling sustained weight loss. Loss weight. Have fun!

Play Don’t Exercise

What did we do as kids? We played. We kept score but we did not play competitively to

win. We played games for fun. To live. For fellowship. We loved playing so much our parents had to yell out threats to break us away from playing and come to dinner.

What do we do now? We work hard. We watch a LOT of TV. We play competitive games like golf or tennis. We strive to do more, have more, make a difference.

Compare the two descriptions above and you will be confirming the research that says we are not enjoying our lives in ways that sustain weight loss and reduced stress. I devote two chapters in this book on how to return to the days when we daily had fun playing.

This book reviews the two types of exercise we must do to sustain weight loss and reduce stress. The great news is that they will be fun (if we do not get caught up in making them yet another activity we measure ourselves with). Read this book to rediscover how playing will increase your sense of joy, relieve stress and sustain weight loss.

This book provides a range of play/exercise options. You will choose which exercises you think is fun. You will do them because they make you feel better. You will do them because you burn enough calories that you can cheat on your diet! (Yes…this diet is designed to enable cheating!) And you will do them because you will see sustained weight loss that you can see in the mirror and experience in the smaller size clothing you return to wearing.

Want to learn how to play again? What to achieve sustained weight loss. The Boomer Generation Diet explains what to do and how to do it.

The Boomer Generation Diet is now available on Amazon

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Bill Roth
Bill Roth
Bill Roth is a nationally-recognized business coach that has successfully worked with hundreds of business owners and leaders on proven green best practices that win new customers, grow product revenues and cut costs. He brings to this coaching his past experience as a senior officer leading teams that developed the first hydrogen fueled Prius and the development of utility scale solar power plants. His best selling book The Secret Green Sauce, available on Amazon, profiles actual businesses using best practices in pricing, marketing, cost management and branding to make money and a difference. In 2020 Roth is conducting the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Green Builds Business program, sponsored by Toyota, where he will be providing free coaching to business leaders on how to use today’s exciting new clean technologies to win customers and cut costs.