The Art of Marketing – Focus on Touchpoints

The art of marketing involves capturing a prospective customer’s attention and then sustaining the attention of existing customers.


Touchpoints are a variety of points of interactions that alter the way that an individual perceives and/or feels about your company including your service, staff, products, brand or otherwise.

A touchpoint can be physical.  For example, when someone visits your office and interacts with your staff, that is a physical touchpoint.  A touchpoint can also be non-physical.

When someone visits your company’s website or business social media sites, that is a non-physical touchpoint.

Your company’s brand starts to define itself and its value proposition across your business’s touchpoints and via all the marketing channels utilized by a business to reach a prospective customers, existing customers and prior customers. Marketing channels are where the touchpoints occur and hence an interaction takes place.

Marketing channels include: print mail, electronic mail, advertising in print, online or radio, websites, billboards, social media sites or at a physical location of an office site, among many others.

Most touchpoints are within direct control of a business but there are yet some there are not within the control of company such as online reviews.

If a business wants to improve interactions with clients and prospects, the key is understanding all the points of those key interactions and where they take place to assess if those interactions are positive or negative and monitor and analyze to improve continually.

For example, business cards, receptionists, customer service personnel, technical solutions personnel, email promotions, advertising flyers, automated answering services, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, sales staff, restroom attendants, and many, many more.

Below is a simple visualization of every day touchpoints:

visualization of touch points

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Three examples of a physical touchpoints:

1.  How many times have you visited a doctor’s office and have left the visit with a subpar opinion about reception/intake staff that left you wanting for another physician, even when the doctor performed adequately but your paperwork and wait experience was very poor?

This is an example of a touchpoint that drives how a customer feels about their service.

Customers want to feel important and unique.  They understand that they are not the only customer of a business, but they also understand that their time and money is valuable and hence they want to feel “warm and fuzzy” when they interact with your business.

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Michelle Martinez Reyes
Michelle Martinez Reyes
Michelle Martinez Reyes has over 20 years of experience as a trusted business advisor in the field of marketing and public relations. She has earned a proven national reputation as a key brand builder, network bridge and catalyst to growth. Ms. Martinez Reyes previously served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Greenspoon Marder, leading the firm’s marketing strategy and brand development and growth focusing on the firm’s business development, client relations, media and public relations, philanthropic efforts and community service throughout the U.S. She also worked as part of the marketing and business development teams for Hunton and Williams, Akerman Senterfitt, Holland & Knight, Greenberg Traurig, and Esslinger Wooten Maxwell. Fluent in English and Spanish, she holds an MBA from Nova Southeastern University with a specialty in global management and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Florida International University.