The 10 Superpowers of Packaging- Part 2
The 10 Superpowers of Packaging- Part 2

Five more superpowers of packaging.


Editor’s note this is part two of a two part series, this first part covers the first five of ten. The first part The 10 Superpowers of Packaging- Part 1

Here are the final five superpowers of packaging:

6- The Power to Confuse

Foreseeably, producers try to sell their most expensive products first, since they are probably the ones with the highest profit margin, but seldom does the highest price find buyers. In response, manufacturers will create less expensive options, indeed in a different packaging or container for hiding some features and highlighting others.

If money is not a problem for your client, they will surely go for the most expensive product, since for them price usually does the talking and assures them they are getting the best product.

However, for a client with less money, an experienced marketer knows how to offer lower price possibilities in different packaging.

This is a widespread practice in the consumer electronics segment that is now spreading to other categories. Just try; can you understand the difference that justifies the price change with ease in every product?

Tip: If you manage to develop multiple containers for quite similar products, with small changes, you will create something for each budget, and retain buyers.

7- The Power of being Iconic

Great product packaging has the power to make a brand iconic.

Famous iconic packaging, such as Tiffany & Co.’s aqua colored box, the triangular containers of Toblerone chocolates, or the minimalist look and feel of Apple packaging are just a few examples of this tremendous power of potentially making product packaging immensely more recognizable than even the product itself!

Tip: Pay attention to the iconic packaging in your category –if any- and attempt to bridge the gap.

8- The Power of being a Storyteller

Great product packaging is able to tell the story of the product: it shares its purpose and what makes it unique.

By conveying a story through packaging, a product can feel more approachable and relatable, instantly building brand loyalty and intensifying the customer experience.

Tip: Invest time in brainstorming ideas about what you want your product packaging to tell your audience, making the concept emerge.

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