The 10 Commandments of Social Media

10 Commandments of Social Media
Ignore the the Social Media Commandments at your peril

A social media primer

I know, I know, not the most original title in the “Red Sea” of content, but as I continue to read the barrage of information on “Social Media” and Digital tools, I am constantly taken aback by how often these tenets are being ignored.

social media commandments

While not a reveal of Mount Sinai prophetical proportions, these ten commandments have been building up over the past couple of years of reading, watching and doing marketing in the age of digital. If you want to succeed, I recommend that you paste this list in your wall and refer to it daily.

The best part moving forward is that there will be no need for confession or contrition if you break any of these commandments. The worst part, your customers have many options to select from and forgiveness is not an abundant commodity these days.


1. Thou shall not have other god than your Customer- otherwise, why bother?

bowing jes2



2. Thou shall honor transparency – Heaven’s eternity pales to that of the Internet’s long tail – any lies or half truths will surely surface




3. Thou shall not commit or fuel Hype for the sake of personal gain – beware of the cutesy names that only serve to create buzz and derail your objectives (SoLoMo, seriously?)

snakeoil j



4. Thou shall not bow down to self proclaimed experts – many are incentivized to fuel the latest buzz mentioned above.

soial media



5. Thou shall engage with your customer – share what is important to your customer not your ego.