Technology Trends Small Business Roundtable – Part 2 [Podcast]
Explosion of a traditional electric bulb with color.

Listen as tech experts share their insights on technological trends to navigate today’s disrupted economy.

Join Logitech International’s Desirée Ortiz, SRP Interactive founder Sebastian Pincetti, AI developer and analyst Richard Rodriguez in part two. Part one can be accessed here:Technology Trends Small Business Roundtable – Part 1 [Podcast].

Does your company need a data science expert or is there an app for that?

Technology is woven into everything we do in contemporary society. Nowadays business intelligence is a moving target that requires small companies to pivot on a quarterly basis.

Knowing how to leverage technology for your company is more important than ever, especially as today’s workforce operate from home offices and remote locations all over the world.

“Work towards managing change!” has been the consistent mantra for small business success. Either you evolve or face the consequences. But the speed with which technology accelerates change can feel daunting. Even traditional keyword searches have transformed into carefully crafted phrases “trained against a larger corpus of information,” utilizing the mechanics of big data to drive customer sales according to AI analyst Richard Rodriquez.

Can Zoom meetings really re-establish a sense of corporate culture lost during COVID?

What are some of the best strategies to refine the digital journey customers can make to your company’s products and brand?  How can you truly measure the success of your company’s social media strategy?


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Want to Be a Part of the Creator Economy? 6 Ways to Monetize

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