The Best Way to Shop for Electronics on the Web.

What’s the best way to buy electronics in 2006? Read the circulars in the Sunday paper? Drive to stores advertising sales? Ask your buddy in Hackensack?

While these are all viable ways to shop for electronics, they’re definitely not the best. It’s easy to save gas, time, and money by smart use of the Web.

The Web is teeming with bargain gathering sites that search the Web for you, offering up coupon codes for online stores, as well as what online store has what sale and when that sale expires.

There are so many of these deal sniffing sites, we simply could never list them all – but we’re gonna try –, which bills itself as the “Best Source of Best Tech Deals,” combs the Web for online coupon codes and sales, and lists bargains galore. The home page begins with a list of expiring deals and expiring coupons, so you can click and snatch up a bargain before time runs out. says it is the most frequently updated and complete deal site on the Web. It also has over 800 coupon codes for many online stores. also offers a wealth of online coupons for electronics deals at Dell,, and Amazon, just to name a few.

Here are some more bargain-busting, offering deals and coupon codes;, with loads of coupons, which manufacturers are offering rebates on which products, and interesting offers on high tech services such as VoIP; combs the Web for deals and also enables you to search by merchant (a really helpful feature); and for lovers of Apple iPods and Mac computers, check out, which offers a bountiful list of Apple product deals, freebies, and contests around the Web.

No, we’re not done. Here’s a roundup of more great sites you have to check out before you’re ready to buy:;;; (which scours the Web for every kind of deal imaginable, not just electronics);;; (another all-kinds-ofstuff-deals site); (again, not just electronics); (very user-friendly and easy
to use);;; (oodles of deals at oodles of dealers); (pretty nifty stuff indeed); (which takes a different, yet definitely useful approach); and (another all-purpose bargain bin).

Cut out this list and stick it on the wall – then the next time you’re in the market for an electronic product, or you just might be if the price is right, get the kind of deal you can brag to your buddies about for years to come.


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