Social Media & Business Etiquette- Eight Rules

5. Choose Hashtags Wise:

This is one that I get many questions on, not only do business owners want to know how many hashtags they should use, but how to choose them.

On this topic you could say that there are a couple of rules to follow:

    • First, do not go overboard with the number of hashtags you use. You do not want to use fifty and you do not want to use two. Be prudent and use a reasonable number to the content you are about to post.
    • Second, choose hashtags wisely. There is no need to hashtag every word in your sentence, make sure you write a sentence or two and then use hashtags, this is not to say that there might not be hashtags in between the sentences. Do some research prior to posting and see what is currently categorized under the hashtags you are considering, then you can determine if the hashtag could potentially work for your social media.

6. Keep Your Professional & Personal Accounts Separate:

The above is true for more than one business owner.

Many times their cute puppy falls on to the business page and the company’s latest coupon is published in their personal page. It is not professional to post your personal life onto your business social media, your clients don’t really care what you ate for lunch, or if your vacation to Aruba was phenomenal.

The same goes for your personal, although to a lesser degree.

If you own a business, most likely your friends like your business page and will get to see that coupon being shared twice. Causing  a perception of  spam to their feed. Once again keep your personal stuff on your personal account and keep your business postings on your business page.

7. Don’t Follow For Numbers:

This trend has fortunately slowed down a bit. It refers to when a business account follows someone for what is known as a “Follow Back” action.

This practice should be highly avoided, as it will create a false perception and low quality leads. This means a lot of numbers with no substance and a lot of people with no true connection or interest towards your business.

In order for your social media accounts to work for you, work on attaining true followers, people that know your product and have a true interest and will in the future relate to what you have to post and say.

8. Keep Your Brand Consistent Across Social Networks:

Being consistent across ALL social media platforms should be your number one rule when beginning to plan out your digital marketing.

From start to finish, all should convey the same type of message, from the photographs, images to logo, colors and scheme. The brand should seem cohesive and concise.  The consumer will follow patterns and feel safer when they perceive what they are used to, holding true when thinking of advertising on any media.

Always have your message on the same language, it is your brand that is talking not you.


Although these simple rules are only the beginning of what social media is about, I am sure that if you follow them you will set your digital strategy in the right direction for the growth you seek.

Whether it be brand awareness, sales, recognition, etc. Social media is a great tool, know how to use it… And use it wisely.

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Andrea Giraldo
Andrea Giraldo
Andrea Giraldo, Partner, Director Translation Initiatives, has spent the last ten years helping people introduce their products to the US market, start new businesses as well as helping take existing businesses to the next level. A creative thinker and entrepreneur, she is founder/owner of Giraldo Farms, importing coffee that is in nationwide distribution. Giraldo has a degree in Business and Economic Development from Fordham University and considered an expert in international trade. She has been providing bilingual advisement to small businesses in the New York Metro area for the last six years.

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