Small Business Is Risk And Change

Starting a new small business venture can be daunting and a risk but it also comes with life-long rewards, whether the business is successful or not.


Few things are more chilling – or thrilling – than taking a chance when starting a small business. People will either scoff at you or become your biggest cheerleaders.

But it’s that sense of “new”; new challenges, new people, new places – that make it all worthwhile.

When my husband and I were about to embark on our first small-business adventure, an accountant told me something he had observed in his clients: The older ones, those who had now started focusing on retirement or were retired, that the ones who lived life with risk, for better or worse, success or failure, seemed happier.

Those clients, he said, were more relaxed and content, whereas clients who were very conservative and never took risks had more of an edge to them and were very worried.

Fast forward almost a decade later when I decided to go out to Los Angeles to check out the writing scene with my five-year-old son, husband and pets in tow. Telling people about this decision was an interesting experience. I was met with everything from anger (“You’re crazy!

How could you make your family do that?  You need to think of them.”); to envy (“You’re so lucky. I wish I could do that!”); to elation (“I’m so happy for you! How wonderful for all of you.”).

I can’t nail down any type of person who said these things. Some were successful through their own risks, yet were scolding me for mine.

Some had never done anything so bold, yet loved that I was doing it. Others from all walks of life were either supportive, thought we were nuts or wished they could do the same.

Everyone had their own views and everyone shared them.

While in California, an opportunity presented itself: I published two children’s books and launched a website ( I networked, made new friends and began a whole new phase of my life all while taking that huge load off my shoulders and getting rid of that dreaded “What if?”

It’s why I had to go. It’s why my husband understood why I had to go. It’s also why I am so thankful we did. So very happy and thankful.

Taking that risk changed our lives as individuals and as a family.

We all want to travel now and have discovered that being somewhere else, living somewhere else, is fun.

It’s an adventure. It completely changed how we view the world.  It opened our eyes to the differences between here and there and allowed us to appreciate them.

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Lynmarie McCullough
Lynmarie McCullough
Lynmarie McCullough was born and raised in New Jersey and is a graduate of the University of Maryland. She’s a seasoned production coordinator, having worked with VH1 / MTV Networks, SONY Electronics and various production companies. She wrote and produced a short in 2009, which was shown at the Wake Forest Film Festival. She published her first children's book, The Grand Hall Character Ball, in 2010, and in 2011 co-authored, Marshall & Planet Saurus with her seven year-old son. The books are available on their website,, where her son hosts videos as well.

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