Small Business Owners, What’s Really in a Cup of Coffee?[Video]



2. Create an “ESPRESS” Yourself Board

This one may seem a bit cheesy, but often times effective leadership needs this to get staff to buy into it.  It’s a play on words from “espresso” coffee to “express” yourself.  A simple colorful board display where employees can make suggestions for office improvements and ideas. It can stay anonymous, light-hearted…whatever the issues are at the time. Open-forum.

3. Make it Special

Make your coffee truly an experience. Whether you are serving employees, family, friends or customers, your coffee should represent you. If it means special cups, cubed sugar, or sugar sticks make it happen. Separate yourself from the masses and make your coffee “your experience”. It may cost you a little more in the wallet, but in the long run, people will remember how you made them feel. Be creative and make them special.

So next time you have your staff meeting, family gathering or just decide to “chat” around the employee lounge, take out that special cup, celebrate the moment at hand, and toast to the coffee bean. It warms the heart and brings people together in many ways. Remember, according to the (NCA) National Coffee Association, a goatherder once had his goat accidently discover coffee in the Ethiopian highlands back around the 10th century and the rest was history!  

Enjoy your java!


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Josi Gago
Josi Gago
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