Small Business Owner Productivity Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness can also be manifest in your day through mindful contemplation. Contemplation consists of focusing on a specific thing using the mindfulness contemplation process.

You can choose to focus on anything, a physical object, an idea, a reading, a person.  What is important is the contemplative process, itself.

Below are the basic steps of the contemplative process based on a combination of Buddhist and Confucianist practices.

  • Rest the mind in the present moment using mindfulness meditation.
  • Shift your focus to contemplation.
  • Actively consider the chosen object by opening the mind to it, appreciating and synchronizing oneself with the object without judgment.
  • Permit yourself to experience it in a very personal way and attain insight.
  • Conclude with a positively intended affirmation.
  • Let go of the experience and move on, allowing it to naturally permeate your heart and mind.

Introduce such mindful contemplation to business day when reading important written business communication, listening to employees or reviewing a strategic business plan.

Start to imagine how contemplation and mindfulness meditation practices can serve to enrich your business and your personal life.

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David Borker
David Borker
Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Finance and Management, Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY. Teach, financial accounting (fundamentals, intermediate and advanced), managerial and cost accounting, tax accounting (fundamentals and advanced), auditing (fundamentals and advanced), international marketing, and international management.

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