Small Business Growth Through M&A

Mergers and acquisitions require finding the right skill set within the company to successfully execute 


As small companies begin to face strategic competitive and growth challenges, M&A can be a useful tool to extend capabilities and expand their footprint. To fully understand whether and how best to apply M&A, growing companies need to bring the skill sets necessary to understand the applicability and execution of acquisitions and their subsequent integration

Common Activities Across Companies

Below are specifics around what a person will do on a day-to-day basis, which can also help a company to determine the appropriate approach, in the context of its organization’s objectives and size.

Business Development

    • Work with business leaders to analyze and develop strategic and commercial requirements for executing on the company’s goals and objectives


    • Engage in and see through major commercial partnership discussions systematically, working with the appropriate leaders


    • Formally represent acquisition or investment stand-alone and synergy cases


    • Oversee preparation and review the results of business-related integration planning and diligence activities


Corporate Development

    • Identify actionable targets and lead discussions through all facets of a transaction on behalf of Guidewire


    • Oversee and represent the official point of view around fair market value and the value that the company might pay for a potential target, based on strategic, financial, and other company-specific factors


    • Coordinate due diligence and integration planning efforts such that it can represent and recommend the appropriate course of action


    • Manage the acquisition or investment process, and working with Legal and other functions, negotiate the various agreements on behalf of the company


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Elias Mendoza
Elias Mendoza
Elias Mendoza is Partner & Chief Operating Officer at Siris Capital, Corporation. In addition to COO, Elias’ responsibilities at Siris include identifying and evaluating trends within existing and potential industry verticals for investment opportunities, and assisting our Executive Partners in evaluating underlying business strategies of targeted companies and existing portfolio companies. Prior to joining Siris, he was a Partner at Union Square Advisors, where he served as its Chief Operating Officer and a senior banker across the firm’s verticals. Through July 2011, Elias held various senior positions at IBM, including Vice President and Global Head of Corporate Development. In such capacity, he was responsible for identifying , executing and integrating all acquisitions, investments and divestitures for the company on a worldwide basis. Elias’ previous experience includes over twelve years spent at Morgan Stanley & Co., most recently as an Executive Director in the Investment Banking Division. He received a Landegger Program Certificate in International Business Diplomacy and an MBA from Georgetown University. He received his AB from Princeton University.