Small Business and Personal Productivity Recap for 2016

Key productivity article highlights for 2016


Building Small Business Growth Through Happy Employees

4 Steps to Building an Internal Employer Brand that encourages happier employees

Create a shared vision with your employees that demonstrates to them that they are valued contributors who have a responsibility to buy into your vision, a vision that includes both hard work and efforts to create happiness in the workplace.

Self Assessment for Personal and Small Business Success

As 2015 comes to a close it is a time for self-assessment on the personal and business fronts

As a business owner, performing self-assessments are one of the most important keys to sustaining a thriving business.

Small Business Owner Productivity Through Mindfulness

Introduce mindful contemplation to business day when reading important written business communication, listening to employees or reviewing a strategic business plan. Start to imagine how contemplation and mindfulness meditation practices can serve to enrich your business and your personal life.

3 Steps To Empower Your Sales Staff

Follow these simple backend techniques to streamline contracts and close more sales

Some organizations are really good at making it really hard for their sales staff to do their job. While closing sales will always be a hard task to accomplish, there is no reason you should be making the entire process just as difficult.

Learn From Millennials to Boost Your Business

Reverse mentoring, when done correctly, is a great mechanism to engage junior members of the work force, recognize new skills and potential leaders, and provide them valuable exposure to leadership.

Today, we’re seeing this type of program employed to help leaders grow their understanding and familiarity with social media, mobile apps and devices, and their digital presence. But it’s certainly not limited to technology-related areas.

Smart Office Talk…Do’s & Don’ts of Communicating Constructively

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter Drucker

How we say something is just as critical as what is said and good listening skills is always at the top of the priority list.  So remember to use silence responsibly, gossip has no merit, and wine comes in a bottle.

Are You Ready? How To Attract Women

A definitive list if your company is ready to attract and hire more women for key positions

If your company is there or gets there, invite me so I can celebrate with you!  After all, you are attracting women!

Intention Setting vs. Goal Setting in Life and Business

Ever wondered what the difference was between setting goals and setting intentions?

Knowing that Timing…Intentions…and…Leaning into foreign territory because you dare to do so always believe the net will appear.

3 Reasons Why Every Moment Matters

What your prospects, clients and employees are thinking in key moments when you aren’t paying attention.

It is possible for people to form positive impressions about you as long as you are mindful about the moments you create along the way.

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