Small Business and Industry, Who Are the Heroes?




So who are the Heroes?

The heroes, the difference makers have failure as the common core to their success. They all tried, failed, learned, forgot (or chose not to remember) that they failed and tried again.

Rinse and repeat until they succeeded. And then guess what…They failed again, numerous times even after success.

The biggest difference that I have seen in the most successful people that I have met and read about (Famous or Not) is that those who have succeeded realize that there will be trials and tribulations along the way.  They essentially went from “failure to failure without losing enthusiasm” as Churchill is famously quoted as saying.

Success and perseverance

In every great success there was those who doubted, those who overlooked and those who underestimated. But in every great success there was also someone who never gave up, kept pursuing their dreams and achieved what they sought out to achieve.

So what it is that you are working on as a small business leader?

Or maybe you are hanging out here because you see yourself as a Latino business leader in the near future, keep striving, keep dreaming and keep reaching because for those who want it bad enough, giving up isn’t an option.  Go and make a difference.

Go be a heroe!

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Elizabeth Rios
Dr. Elizabeth Rios is a strategic visionary and has served her community in NY and FL in various capacities for over 25 years. She has served in high level executive positions in higher education management, nonprofit organizations and small business. She operates a number of online business incentives and founded Passion for Purpose International to help small businesses, nonprofits and schools get started, get funded and get teams going and growing in a healthy organizational culture.  Dr. Rios received her MA in Business Management from Regent University and her Ed.D. from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Rios is the author of Don’t Buy the Lie: Eradicating False Belief Systems that Keep You From Your Destiny.  In addition, to her community work with South Florida women's empowerment organizations and charities including her own faith-based nonprofit, the Passion Center, Dr. Rios sits on many national boards and serves as Contributing Editor or writer for a few national magazines. She is a Boxer lover,mom of two boys, one with special needs and sees her life mission as one to unleash potential, ignite passion and connect people to purpose. Website