Small Biz Marketing Drivers- Are you Ready?

marketing small business
Are you prepared to effectively execute small business marketing challenges?


Small business marketing is the most challenging task ever and, if you are reading this, your small business is even more challenging than most.


Simple, like many of us, you probably worked in “corporate” America prior to launching your own business so…


  • Your vision is not “small”
  • Your standards are not “small”
  • Your knowledge and experience are not “small”
  • The clients you are going after are not “small”

So, just about the only thing that’s small is the size of your business. Today. But that ought to change fast.

Can one apply “large business” marketing tools to a small business marketing plan?

When I started my first agency everyone told me: time or money. Choose. You can do things slowly and cheaply or faster and more expensive. So, the answer is “probably not”. You can’t use the same tools because the scale is completely different. But one can certainly use the same big-company critical thinking to evaluate the processes, tools and data one uses.

Three areas that marketing for a small company should focus on:

  • Insights and processes
  • Tools
  • Data

Concentrating on what can be realistically applied here and now and with a single focus: improving your business either through increased sales or better ROI.