Silicon Valley Disrupter Cecilia Flores Receives Latin Business Spirit Award [Video]

Latin Biz Today is honored to recognize Cecilia Flores with the Latin Business Spirit Award for her current and future contributions to rewriting the narrative and championing equality in Tech.

Disrupter and doting mother may not usually occupy the same sentence, but that is what and who Cecilia Flores is. She is a thriving technology rebel and a loving mother to a rambunctious toddler.

Cecilia has permanently etched her name on the contender’s list in the world’s most competitive technology arena.  She is a passionate tech entrepreneur focused on democratizing disruptive technology while channeling innovation. In keeping with her brand of trailblazing, she co-founded Webee in 2013.

Webee is a hardware and software company founded on the core principle of crafting groundbreaking complex technical applications for industries that don’t require the use of any code or technological know-how. Led by Flores in the capacity of COO, Webee accomplishes this feat by strategically utilizing IoT and AI.

Cecilia hails from the small northern Argentinian city of Salta. Her parents divorced when she was 13, and her mother raised Cecilia and her three siblings on her own. Her mother’s re-entry into the workforce as an English teacher after 13 years of stay-at-home parenting proved to be a pivotal point in Cecilia’s life. Witnessing her mother’s life being upended and seeing the challenges she encountered upon returning to something she undoubtedly loved provided the core inspiration and principles that would steer her going forward.

Armed with the lessons of financial independence, working purposely, and loving what you do, Cecilia moved to another city for university. She majored in communications and advertising, eventually earning a master’s degree in strategic corporate communication. After 14 years working in major corporations, she decided to spread her wings. This led her to the US in a bid to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. The transition may not have been smooth, but she worked up the confidence to solidify her stance in tech, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Flores unashamedly posits that being an entrepreneur, a female one in the male-dominated technology industry, required an overhaul of her life. However, the benefits of her investments are apparent in her many accolades.

Flores won the Female Founders Competition as the Best US Enterprise SaaS among 1,500 applicants. The $6M competition is organized by M12, Melinda Gates Pivotal Venture, and Mayfield Fund. She also won the Globant Global Awards in the “Game Changer” Category for the US and Canada. She was awarded “Entrepreneurial Force” Winner in La Voz del Interior. This award recognizes the leaders of the Córdoba, Argentina, business ecosystem.

Earlier this year, Cecilia was named “Woman of Influence” by Silicon Valley Business Journal, winner in the IoT Tech Women Awards, a mentor in the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Initiative, a Fellow in Vital Voices VVGROW 2019, and a Tory Burch 2021 Fellow.

Flores is a mother, wife, and staunch advocate for female equality in technology. She is a board member in We Evolution. We Evolution is a non-profit that allows her the opportunity to mentor women and girls in STEM.

Latin Biz Today is honored to recognize Cecilia Flores with the Latin Business Spirit Award for her current and future contributions to rewriting the narrative and championing equality in Tech.

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