Self-Made Success

Education and hard work have enabled Mr. Velayos to become a successful attorney who works on cases that cover a broad geographic area and involve complex land use and real estate issues, including exciting projects within Latino communities. He is working on mixed-use development projects that are going to eliminate blight and provide significant investment into economically underserved areas. He also closed one of the largest raw land sales in the history of California: 12 acres of land that sold for a record breaking $100 million dollars. He also represents the NFL and its efforts to bring a football team back to Los Angeles, as well as being the youngest attorney selected to work on a controversial and complex project in Los Angeles, Playa Vista.

When it comes to designing hair accessories, Mrs. Lau Velayos likes to create a story and a lifestyle that women of all races and ethnic backgrounds can enjoy. Her hair clips have been seen on the hit television shows “Friends,” “E.R.,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Desperate Housewives,” and have been worn by some of Hollywood’s most stunning women, including Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arquette, Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, and Felicity Huffman. She reached the pinnacle of her success with Ficcare when she was asked to appear on an “Oprah” show featuring young millionaires and their successful stories.

Mr. Velayos has been fortunate to work with brilliant attorneys at his firm and has learned from them and received career guidance. He says, “Mentoring is an important ingredient of giving back,” and he enjoys mentoring law students and others who are working hard to make a difference.

Mrs. Lau Velayos’ mentor was her grandfather, a successful chemist who created his own soy sauce formula that he eventually licensed to Disney for their Mickey Mouse brand. He then opened a very successful soy sauce factory in Brazil.

The Velayos’ are thankful for everything their families and community have done for them, and are dedicated to charitable outreach. Along with mentoring, Ficcare has donated over $500,000 to a variety of causes, from the September 11th Fund to the Susan G. Komen Research Foundation and the Pediatric Aids Foundation. The company even designed a bracelet in collaboration with Sting to help raise funds and awareness for his Rainforest Foundation. Their support for education has most recently extended to a generous donation to the Latin Scholarship Fund, a non-profit organization providing scholarships to Latino college or college-bound students.

The couple has no future plans to collaborate on a business venture together because they both enjoy what they do and learn from each other. “Work is important, but family is also important and it is nice to be able to separate the two. Our main focus is to raise our son and to make sure that he is happy and healthy,” they remark.

When asked what they think might be good future career opportunities for Latinos, both agree that there are opportunities in every field and great talents are born every day. “There is no limit to what one can do. Whatever field someone chooses, if they enjoy what they do and work hard, the positive results will follow,” they agree.

The single most important thing Mr. Velayos would tell a young Latino just graduating from college with a degree in law is that “you have the ability to make a difference—use it to make yourself better, to make your community better, and to make the world better.”

Mrs. Lau Velayos’ words of inspiration to a young Latino graduating with a degree in business are “carve your pathway to success, because it is within your reach.”

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