Scale Up to Keep Up

Building Business Operations


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Many businesses equate scaling up to adding new employees who can maximize growth capabilities. Although personnel is a factor, scaling business operations is the industry’s terminology for preparing your business for success regardless of size.

The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is dedicating the month of April to operations and helping you prepare your business for growth.

Where Businesses Come to Grow 

If your business is Micro (2-14 employees) you are small enough to establish processes and procedures quickly and make easy adjustments that won’t compromise the organization.

You are also large enough to test the processes amongst your internal departments. A good place to start is by developing administrative Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for recruitment, onboarding, and accounts payable processes.

Consider these recommendations before drafting your SOPs:


If you are a Small (15-49 employees) business, you are in a transformational phase and your operational infrastructure should be more comprehensive.

It’s time to process map your entire company from start to finish. Process maps organize all aspects of your business.

Business owners with a well-organized process map could hand over a flash drive on how to generate new business, execute projects, create business methodologies and approaches, run project conference calls, implement employee development, and all other aspects of their business.

This content should live in one file, map or diagram to include instructions and procedures for your business.

Process maps create the following advantages for your business to thrive:

Next-  A priority for a Medium (50-499 employees) size business

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