Sandy-NYC: To Run or Not to Run?

Focusing on What Matters
President Obama with Red Cross workers

We don’t need to fault Mayor Bloomberg for his difficult decision regarding the marathon, nor do we need to belabor and bemoan the loss for the athletes. Focusing on helping the East Coast storm survivors get assistance where needed to restart their lives is what matters now. And we can also commit to memory the lessons in communications.





To offer your assistance to those suffering in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, here are some useful links:

    • Tweet #sandyhelp


Andrea Cotter
Andrea Cotter
Andrea Cotter is the Founder and President of Virgilio & Cotter, LLC where she focuses on Marketing and Communications Strategies specializing in the Health Care industries. She also teaches C-Suite Leadership in her role as an adjunct faculty member at NYU's School of Professional Studies. In addition to her own company, Andrea has had both a corporate and entrepreneurial career in marketing and communications as a Global Executive at IBM Corporation and as SVP and Chief Communications Officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), followed by a brand consultancy role at Straightline and a partnership in the workplace culture startup CultureTalk. She speaks several languages, including Spanish, Italian and French has done consulting work with clients in Europe, US and Asia.

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