Road Trips and Stay-cations to come!

The definition of Freedom is different for all of us. 



 I recently went “old school” while jogging and came across an Akon song on my playlist called Freedom where the lyrics reference how his dad found freedom by bringing his drums from Africa just to play for others. I thought, wow I would love to do that…just play the drums would be cool, much less all the way from Africa!

Then I began to think of my own definition of freedom, small as it may have seemed to Akons’ dad who was probably thinking more along the lines of self-preservation and survival.  I thought about how my freedom comes in terms of living in this country, choosing to take a walk in the forest and how I can feel the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair.  That is freedom on a whole different level!

Then I thought about travel and how often times we think about needing money and how our financial resources limit us in doing the traveling we would love to do. So here was my take away… I recently took a short road-trip to the mountains of Northern Georgia and added a little side adventure to it, at which point I realized that you don’t need to wait for your “once a year vacation” that “quarterly bonus”, or the “traditional family reunion” to treat yourself and your family to a much needed “Stay-cation.”

Just one day at the beach, park, woods or a car drive to nowhere can be a great way to connect with yourself and those you love.  After all, those 7 minute-timed gas station pit stops are classic for fun junk food, nasty coffee and “hold your breath” bathroom breaks! Cars, vans, and trucks filled with missing shoes, pillows and blankets make for a memorable trip that will carry on generations to come. School is over, kids are ready for summer and the gas station coffee is brewing. Fill up your tanks and drive.

So once again, as is true in life, it’s not about the final destination as much as it is about the journey, the stories and laughter along the way. Stop, smell the trees, feel the grass beneath your feet and enjoy your own yellow brick road of life.  Find your own freedom with short unexpected trips filled with memories, nature and your loved ones.

Take this summer right out of the gate and make it count for you and your family…Take a road trip, make it a day or a week, but most importantly, make it count!


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