RESOLUTION 2017: Simplify and Elevate Your Image

5 easy and long-lasting style and wardrobe tips to project the best you the whole year.


The changing of the year sometimes translates into renewed energies to do things, that freshness and novelty to our daily life.

Formal resolution or not (there was no business of resolutions for the new year when growing up in Buenos Aires!), we all have the desire to simplify our lives while enhancing our experiences and joy. And dressing – the way we women and men ‘show up’ in the world – takes time, space, and material resources, not to speak about psychological energy.

This is not to ruin the beginning of the year with ‘hard’ facts, but rather to suggest a few things you can do to elevate your look to match who you really are, and simplify your life while doing so.

So here are five suggestions organized by the effort they require!

Suggestion #1:

Audit wardrobe to have a clothes that reflect who you are

Energized as you are (and if you have engaged in mindfulness and introspection as the year came to a close, much better), confront your wardrobe before it starts to confront you.

Get rid of the items you no longer wear, and that no longer look good on you. And while you are at it, you gentlemen discard those shoulder pad suits, and you ladies, those flowery tunics/babydoll dresses, bought a life ago. Seriously. Even if they fit.

Time to connect to your values, beliefs and aspirations and align them with your look. It is somewhat time and emotion-intensive, but worth it.

Suggestion # 2:

Capsule your work wardrobe

Capsule? Yes, capsule.

If you are not familiar with the term, a work capsule is a limited number of pieces that you (women and men) can mix and match throughout the week, therefore eliminating all stress stemming from gazillion outfit combinations, and leaving you more time and energy to:

a) have two cappuccinos in the morning,

b) spend time with people you love

c) get lost in music

d) go for a run with a friend

e) sing in the shower (tache lo que no corresponda).

Come up with a work wardrobe which projects who you are while being context appropriate, and which makes you feel good about yourself. This requires introspection and/or external help, both totally worth it. The best part of it is that you will make a, b, c, d, and e part of your life.

Suggestion # 3:

Choose one signature piece to wear regularly

Style is in the details, as is life, and who you are.

Depending on context, you gentlemen may choose colorful ties or pocket squares, scarves, blazers, a leather jacket, a watch (yes, old style, from the time we were not surrounded by synchronized screens). You, ladies, may choose a high quality leather bag, foulards, blazers, prominent or subtle necklaces.

Once you know which piece does the work, embrace it fully and wear it daily. And you may choose another one down the line… Style is a process!

Next- suggesstions #4 and #5

Mara Kolesas
Mara Kolesas
Mara Kolesas, Ph.D., is a style with substance expert, based in Berkeley, CA, who provides intelligent styling for professionals. She grew up in Buenos Aires where she breathed style from an early age. She went on to a career in political science, studying for a doctorate in New York City, and later lived in Florence, Rome, Berlin and Beirut, where she pursued my two passions: she studied and promoted citizen empowerment, diversity and inclusion, and she explored small boutiques, helping friends find outfits that gave them joy and confidence. Along with her artistic eye and knowledge of fashion, she brings analytical and social expertise to a field with superficial associations. Twitter

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