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Now consider that every device we own or manage has some kind of data associated with it that could be used to better your business. For example, in healthcare related fields, data signals from monitoring patients’ vital signs offers new challenges for data management as well as data privacy. But even simple devices such as in-house telephony systems today require data monitoring. In a world where even household appliances have the ability to call their manufacturer when sensing a malfunction, data must be managed differently.

These kinds of data require different tools and expertise to manage and analyze. Big data, as it’s called requires thinking differently about the decisions that can be made from data sources. For example, your Web activity logs can be analyzed to understand customer viewing patterns; your customer service call logs can be analyzed for wait times, disconnects to correlate service levels and customer satisfaction. And then all of this data can today be related back to the numbers or more traditional data of your business.

In our next column, we explore two other areas of change in data that are creating challenges and opportunities for businesses: velocity and volume.

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Theresa Kushner is a journalist-turned-marketer and director of customer intelligence within marketing at Cisco Systems. At Cisco, she directs a team of analytics strategists and specialists whose main job is to increase Cisco’s market share by applying insights gathered from customer data. She and Maria Villar co-write a column for They are co-authors of Managing Your Business Data: From Chaos to Confidence, published by Racom Books in 2008.

Maria Villar is an information technology expert and a vice president at SAP, the global software company, with responsibility over the firm’s data governance. She and Theresa Kushner co-write a regular column to They are co-authors of Managing Your Business Data: From Chaos to Confidence, published by Racom Books in 2008. Villar was recognized in Hispanic Business Magazine as one of the Top 100 Influential Hispanics, and received the Distinguished Hispanic IT Executive award from Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference.


Theresa Kushner
Theresa Kushner
Theresa Kushner is a self-styled data-vangelist who brings her passion for all things data into her consultancy. Having held positions in F100 companies for most of her career, she now dedicates her time to helping start-ups and small/medium businesses scale using their customer information. She applies the skills she acquired as an executive at Dell EMC, VMware, Cisco Systems and IBM to help leaders apply data governance and 21st century data management techniques to their business intelligence and advanced analytics programs. She helps companies determine whether they are ready to take advantage of advanced techniques such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process engineering. She also helps guide companies in using more effectively for customer experience the data they collect on a daily basis. Ms. Kushner co-authored “Managing Your Business Data from Chaos to Confidence” with Maria Villar in 2009 and 2015 collaborated with Ruth P Stevens on “B2B Data-Driven Marketing: Sources, Uses, Results.” Ms. Kushner is a graduate of the University of North Texas where she received a Master of Arts in Journalism. She serves on the Advisory Boards of UNT Mayborn School of Journalism as well as

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