Ramp Up Business With U.S.-Latin America Trade

ALTA’s Mission

The organization’s mission is to promote the growth and expansion of business opportunities and trade relations throughout North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean through collaborations and partnerships with each other and alliances with major regional, national and international interests. Conferences, seminars and forums are regularly held to promote cross-border trading.

Most recently, in February 2013, ALTA conducted its annual conference in Los Angeles on “Conducting Cross-Border Business in Mexico and the Americas.” Business leaders from various fields and disciplines were invited to share their insights in a wide range of topics, covering many recurring legal, economical and financial issues in U.S.-Mexico trade.

ALTA is currently exploring further opportunities for investment in Mexico, including a possible trade mission to the country’s industrial regions. ALTA’s network of professionals and business owners can help uncover business opportunities, forge business relationships and identify legal and regulatory hurdles in U.S.-Mexico trade. As a not-for-profit trade association, ALTA provides a platform for SMB owners and professionals on both sides of the border to transact business and create synergies.

Author Antonio Peguero, Jr. wishes to acknowledge Henry Hung for his key contributions to this piece.


Antonio Peguero
Antonio Peguero
Antonio Peguero, Jr. is Counsel to Rivera & Colon, LLP, a Latino-owned firm based in the financial district of New York with a strong history of representing Latino owned businesses in commercial, real estate and litigation matters. Tony has represented public, private businesses, partnerships and investment managers throughout many stages of development. Tony advises clients on structuring real estate, financing, securities and acquisition transactions, and has experience in drafting and negotiating joint venture, shareholder and investment management agreements. Tony is an active member of the Affiliated Lawyers for the Americas, a non-profit trade association promoting cross-border transactions throughout the Americas.

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