Productivity: 3 Tools to Manage Tasks

There are a wealth of productivity tools available to help you manage both day-to-day and team-related activities.

The productivity tools mentioned here are just a few that are available for a variety of mobile platforms. You should look for the ones that most closely align with your business needs – and then use them to their fullest extent. Increasingly, we’re trying to cram that extra task or errand into each day. And it’s likely you’ve had that moment when you wished there was more than 24 hours to accomplish everything you need to do.

Keeping track of tasks- from your simple everyday to-dos to managing activities with your teams – has become more and more challenging. Thanks to technology, however, there are now myriad productivity apps at your disposal. The key is finding the right ones that work for you.

Here are a few examples of productivity tools that can come in handy for personal and team settings:

1. Any.Do (Available on iOS, Android and Google Chrome Extension)

Any.Do has become a go-to mobile app I use to keep track of my daily to-dos, both personal and work-related. There are several “to-do” list apps out there, but Any.Do has been one of the first that seems to really work for me. It offers a simple interface, auto-fill on common tasks (e.g., submit expense report) and voice recognition for task input.

2. Trello (Available on iOS, Android, Windows and the web)

Trello combines elements of Pinterest and your traditional Post-It into a clean task-management app conveniently available across mobile devices and the web. Although Trello can be used to keep track of your personal tasks, it works well in light team environments as you can create “boards” to organize activities (e.g., by project, area, etc.). For example, you could create a board for your business-plan development, event planning or research efforts. Each board also has a recent activity stream where team members can see new tasks, comments and progress on items.


Daniel Nieves
Dan is Chief of Staff at, a video review and collaboration platform for the creative community. Prior to, Dan headed up Market Engagement at Zinc, an enterprise startup transforming how we communicate in today's mobile workplace. Before his time in startups, he spent four years at Deloitte as a strategy consultant where he helped clients transform their organizations through the use of digital technology. Dan graduated summa cum laude from Loyola University Maryland. Born and raised in New York, he recently returned and is now residing in Manhattan.

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