Production in Place- Latin Biz Today Music Industry Round Table [Video]

Latin Biz Today’s Music Round Table with Doug Beavers, Jenny Pulido, David Koch and Rich Tozzoli, talk music, and how to keep sane while producing during a pandemic.

Technology tends to shrink things. Gadgets get smaller every year while bringing more power to how we live our lives. For audio professionals, that’s meant watching consumer technology like desktop laptops and other high-end gear, rival the dexterity and professionalism of traditional production spaces.

Add COVID to the mix and suddenly musicians, composers and audio engineers are finding that a devastated professional landscape demands that they find new ways to create, market and make a living from music made in home studios and shared on the Internet. As venues remain closed across the country, the business of music is also moving online with virtual concerts, lessons, conferences and new ways of showcasing the personalities that make the music that moves our hearts and feet.

Join Latin Biz Today’s Music Round Table of Doug Beavers, Jenny Pulido, David Koch and Rich Tozzoli, to explore what makes for just the right home studio, while cultivating the best practices of creating producing, marketing managing, and promoting music for a living.

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