Primary Steps to Developing an Impactful Small Business Website

Consider the following criteria prior to developing a strategy and launching a small business website.


A business website is an essential marketing tool today. Even if you don’t sell online, you need a business website to create awareness of your business, help customers find you and build credibility.

To develop a website or improve your existing site, begin by determining your website goals. These may include e-commerce, customer service, branding and more. Figure out how your website can support your overall business strategy and how it will fit into your overall marketing strategy.

Keep these requirements in mind:

Ease of use:

Is the site simple to navigate? Does it load quickly? Is it easy to understand?


Does the site clearly drive visitors to take action? Can customers understand your products or services from the information on the site? Is the checkout process simple?

Customer service:

If your site includes components such as ways for customers to contact you by email or phone, FAQs or complaint forms, are these working as customer service tools?


Does the site convey your current brand message, or is it outdated? Does your site reflect what your business does, or are key services, products and target customers missing? Do the graphics look modern or dated?


Does your site come up near the top of search engine results? Is your site optimized for search engines with the use of keywords?

Selecting a domain name:

Why it’s important and primary reasons for securing a domain name:

  • In this day and age, a domain name is a prerequisite to doing business business. It’s the businesses virtual front door. It provides easy access from anywhere in the world.   
  • Choose a domain name which represents the website’s content, product or service. Not only is this good branding, more intuitive, it will also aid the visitor’s ability to find your site through search Look for one that’s memorable.  
  • The domain name or URL represents continuity of web address i.e. www.webname .com. Regardless of the web host visitors will find the website seamlessly. Similarly, a phone number remains consistent regardless of the carrier wireless, cable/web based or traditional.   

Registering your business domain:

Registering the address that users type in to find your site costs about $10 annually. Keep your domain name short and simple, and tie it into your business.

Search and secure a domain name at the one of the following domain registration websites:

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