Post-COVID Fashion Trends

Now that you are ready to get rid of your sweatpants, what are you going to wear and how are you going to shop? Personal Stylist, YouTube Influencer and QVC Fashion Presenter, Tracy Gold, predicts the five top post-COVID trends.

We have been walking around barefoot and wearing our comfy casual clothes for months now.  In the post-COVID world, are we going to want to go back to wearing uncomfortable high heeled shoes and clothing just to look good? I don’t think so.

Having attended many virtual conferences on the future of fashion, retail and lifestyle, here are the top 5 post-COVID trends I think are going to influence what we wear in this new world.

1. Online shopping: More and more we are going be shopping online. In the past, I’ve heard many women express resistance to buying clothing online, but with restrictions and lockdown, we’ve had to get online savvy fast. Also, if you have been shopping recently, you will know that the in-person shopping experience is nothing like it used to be.

2. Quality over quantity: Many of us cleared out our cluttered closets during lockdown and now realize that we don’t need as many clothes as we thought we did. We are moving toward a mindset of buying fewer thing that are better quality. Having less clothing can mean that you actually have more to wear and love what you wear.

3. Style and comfort: After wearing only comfy clothes for the last few months, we are going to want to look and feel stylish when we go out. At the same time, after wearing comfy clothes for so long we won’t want to squeeze into uncomfortable clothing and shoes. Rather, we are going to be on the lookout for clothing that offers comfort AND style.

4. Multi-seasonal dressing: The time of rushing out to get this season’s fashion must-haves, is over. I believe we are going to see fewer trends that are longer lasting. And, dressing to suit your personal style is going to reign supreme. Dressing to suit your personal style will always be in fashion.

5. Conscious shoppers: As consumers, we are becoming more aware of what we buy and where it comes from. Whether you are concerned about where the products you buy are sourced from a COVID safety perspective, an ethical shopping perspective, or an eco-friendly perspective, customers are asking more questions of the brands they support.

Yes, we are thinking differently about how much we need and what we buy.  At the same time, I believe we will always want beautiful clothes, even if what that looks like is different.

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Tracy Gold
Tracy Gold
A renowned personal stylist and fashion designer, Tracy Gold created the YouTube channel, Tracy Gold Fashion Tips, to advance her passion for enabling women to create their own unique style. A born entrepreneur, Tracy has enjoyed enormous success since launching her own fashion business in 2003. Literally starting by selling dresses out of the trunk of her car, Tracy now has a worldwide customer base clamoring for her next release. Capitalizing on her success with the 40+ market, she is now teaming with other fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to help them grow their brand awareness and customer base. Tracy was born in Florida, but spent most of her life in Cape Town, South Africa. She is now based in Manhattan.