Popular Bank & Latin Biz Today Explore: What’s Going to Happen with Interest Rates? [Video]
Bull and Bear

In this final episode of Driving Success Through the Pandemic series, Chinea and Mendoza share their insights on interest rate impacts on small businesses.

Popular Bank Chief Operating Officer Manuel Chinea and Latin Biz Today advisory board member Elias Mendoza are continuing tackle important topics  in Driving Business Success Through the Pandemic, a nine-part virtual discussion series that aims to empower small business owners to successfully navigate immediate and ongoing challenges and opportunities.

As inflation rates continue to rise, interest rates will be influenced, and Fed increases in the future will impact financing. Consumers are currently revisiting their needs–from refinancing debt to securing low rates. The same can be said of small businesses, which are attracted to or seeking low financing rates for a longer period of time.

There currently exists a great opportunity for small businesses to be proactive and look at their growth plan. If they want to move in that direction, they may want to consider securing favorable financing costs sooner before the window should close when the Fed makes an announcement. Costs will then be even greater for materials, construction, and other key areas that impact small businesses.

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