Paul Rodriguez Talks, Jokes for US Vets Choice Comedy Awards




Latin Business Today: Can you tell us about the veteran’s award?

Paul Rodriguez: Absolutely! We plan to honor one of our heroes with the Roy P. Benavidez Award for Valor handed out by Major General Valenzuela (ret.) and Yvette Benavidez Garcia, the daughter of Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Roy P. Benavides. 

Latin Business Today: Who was Roy P. Benavides? Can you tell us about him?

Paul Rodriguez: He is someone with Extraordinary Courage, makes all American’s Proud especially Latinos!

Of course I am going to be wearing my uniform, because Women love men in Uniform, I wonder how my Domino’s Pizza uniform will go over!!


Latin Business Today: When and where is the event? 

Paul Rodriguez:  The event date is Saturday 7pm, April 30, 2016 at the Hollywood American Legion located 2035 Highland Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90068. Please arrive early!

All proceeds from our event will support homeless and at-risk veterans with food, clothing and guidance to help get them off the streets. We thank our main Sponsors Coca Cola, and you, Latin Business Today.

Looking forward to being on stage and voting for myself!

Latin Business Today: That great Paul, can people purchase tickets ahead of time?

Paul Rodriguez: Purchase a ticket in advance and I’ll get you a backstage pass to Kiki’s Dressing room, and a years supply of VIAGRA, A Green Card etc. etc…

Anything to help our VETS!

 Latin Business Today: Thanks Paul this looks like a fun not to be missed evening for a great cause. Best of this with the first annual kickoff and many years of success going forward for this great cause!

For more information and tickets go to Assistance for Vets Awards

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