On the Rise Latina Fashion Designer, Judith Cabrera and her Journey

Cuban born designer, Judith Cabrera can hardly believe how quickly her life changed.

From graduating as a fashion designer, to immediately being catapaulted into the limelight once she started creating designs for celebrities, her career took off and she quickly had to learn all aspects of the business. She’s designed for Puerto Rican singer, Pedro Capo and created the show stopping red carpet designs for Yotuel Romero and wife Beatriz Luengo who won multiple awards at the 2021 Latin Grammys for best song of the year and best urban song of the year for “Patria y Vida”. Their song was written in the name of the fight for freedom for the Cuban people and Judith put a piece of her Cuban roots into her designs. The designs now have a place of honor living in the Latin Grammy Museum. Judith can hardly believe the words even as she says them to me.

Based in Miami, Judith now has her own namesake business, Judith Cabrera and is proud to honor her Cuban heritage. Her approach to her fashion business is in creating one of a kind made to measure pieces that fit her client perfectly. She laughs that it is a compliment when her customers say they want to be buried in her designs.

Judith says that quality is a must, from concept, to fabrics to elaboration of the garment. Understanding how much the fashion industry shapes the environment, she always use environment-friendly materials when constructing her designs. The environment is something she cares deeply about and all her choices made throughout the construction of the design take the earth into consideration.

Judith says – “I believe that the difference between something good and something great is the attention to detail. I want to create garments for individuals who can appreciate good quality and craftsmanship, to those with daring souls, who love fashion and care for our environment“.

You can see more of her design work on her website, Judith Cabrera.

Check out our interview with this talented Latina as we discuss some of the successes and challenges of managing a fashion business.

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