NY Met Ron Swoboda on Inside Baseball and Sportscasting [Video]
Ron Swoboda at ba

Latin Biz Today’s Dave Torromeo chats with Ron Swoboda about careers in Major League Baseball, professional sportscasting and his book.

Ron Swoboda is  best known as a NY Met who made an amazing diving catch during the 1969 World Series.

Here is a trivia question for you; Who was the first designated hitter?

Ron Swoboda diving 1969 World Series catch

That is an easy one for most of baseball fans (Ron Bloomberg of the Yankees). However, can you tell me who the designated would have been if the Boston Red Sox pitched a left-hander at Fenway park on April 6, 1973? None other than Ron Swoboda, the man who, to me, is forever a New York Met who made one of the greatest catches in World Series history helping the Mets to an “Amazing” upset of the Baltimore Orioles in 1969.

Ron and I take a trip down memory lane here talking about his career, the Mets, the catch, his baseball career including his time with the Yankees and many other things including some very interesting thoughts, such as the current state of the game; the fact that he doesn’t like the DH (I have hated it from the beginning), thoughts about the current Commissioner, and even some funny comments about our mutual friend,

Ron Swoboda baseball cardArchie Manning. I learned a lot here  that I never knew, such as Ron is from Baltimore originally and grew up, you guessed it, an Orioles fan…Ron’s favorite player…that is your task, hint…see the greatest catch video and who hit the ball! Amazing!

Join us and take the ride as we go down memory lane, at least for me, which was a great childhood memory of the 1969 Mets.



For more on Ron Swoboda read his book Here’s the Catch available on Amazon.

Here's the catch

Here’s the catch

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