Nailing The Sales Presentation
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Pay attention to sales presentation fundamentals because it’s one of the primary  keys to sales success

Editor’s note: This is the third article in a series discussing a four part selling cycle that includes 1. How to Find,  2. How to Sell, 3. How to Close and 4. How to Keep more customers. This cycle includes 8 distinct major steps. We continue the series discussing step 3 of 8: How to Sell: The Presentation First two articles: How to Find: Step 1 – Prospecting,  Step 2 – How to Sell More Customers


How to sell:  The Presentation

The presentation is probably one of the most written about things in the sales process, after the closing and negotiating steps.

The fundamentals of this step will always work extremely well, but only if you have successfully completed Step 2 of Part 1 (The Consultative Step: How and Why your customers want to buy). Let me explain why.

All too often today a customer will call, walk-in, or e-mail/chat and ask for what they want. Then the salesperson will give them what they asked for, which may not be what they really need. Salespeople who prospect or have been presented with a B2B situation, which normally requires getting to know the customer, can do a much better job of presenting what they sell based on the needs of the customer because they know them.

To be successful at a great presentation you must keep the following six things in mind as you enter the presentation:



    1. Understand what your customer is like – there are many techniques in which a salesperson can learn about how the customer would like to be treated. We use the DISC method.


    1. Understand your customer’s buying motivation – what is important to them when wanting to buy or consider what you are selling (fear, safety, comfort, style, etc.).


    1. Great product knowledge – you must intimately know everything you possibly can about the product you sell and the industry you are selling in.


    1. Knowledge of the competition – I doubt there is an industry out there that doesn’t have fierce competition. Not knowing how you compare in a variety of areas can be a major weakness.


    1. Knowledge of the company you work for – it is important for each salesperson to know how the company he represents will take care of the customer; before, during and after the sale.


    1. The Feature, Advantage, Benefit model for selling value. Basically it’s about explaining to each customer what you have to offer, how it works, and how it will help your specific customer.


NOTE: Combining these items together and building a presentation that fits the customer’s interests in a way they would like to see it will give you a clear advantage. In making sure you have all six items working for you, you will become the professional or consultant for the customer. Over the long term, the presentation will help start you on the road to being their long term advisor or trusted confidant with the items you sell. The first two articles of the eight step series:



How to Find customers

Part 1, Step 1 – Prospecting Part 1, Step 2-  5 Keys To Why Your Customers Buy 



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