Millennial vs. Boomer: Tips On Hiring the Best


Attracting and Keeping Millennials

2. Provide a flexible workplace environment. Those notions of 9-to-5 jobs, sitting at a desk all day, or the office as “the place where work gets done” are not part of the core credo of this highly mobile Millennial generation. When it comes to the workplace, they’re looking for flexibility—in how, where or when work gets done. It’s critical enough that some Millennials will even choose greater flexibility over pay (45 percent). Having some latitude when it comes to schedule or location could go a long way in attracting (and keeping) millennial talent.

3. Empower and encourage innovative thinking. This generation wants to continually make a difference and an impact, both for the company they work for and the community in which they live. They want to work somewhere that encourages (and rewards) innovation and open thinking. In fact, more than 75 percent of Millennials say they’re strongly influenced by thoughts of how innovative an organization is when making employment decisions. Do you have a culture that supports innovation? If not, it may be time to institute some new practices and initiatives. If not, those who have the potential to be your next great employees may never join your team.

4. Provide a variety of experiences. In addition to flexibility and technology, Millennials are in search of diverse experiences to that allow them to experiment, fail, grow and develop. Not confined to rank or traditional hierarchy, Millennials are looking for chances to voice their opinions, be involved in decision-making, and build their leadership skills. Small businesses can present attractive opportunities for Millennials to quickly come in and take on responsibility, whether it’s leading a task or team or even working on a special project with senior management.

This hyperconnected demographic will continue to shake up and change much of the perceptions of the workplace. So you have to ask yourself, is your business prepared for Millennials? If not, it’s time to take note.

Both Boomers and Millennials can and are willing to add value to your organization. And surprisingly – and despite their generational differences – the have very similar wants, needs and desires when it comes to the workplace. That’s why you may want to reassess how your company treats its employees and make changes accordingly—to appeal to both groups at the same time and encourage worker productivity.

This part of two was authored by Dan Nieves, please see his bio below. Part one: Boomer vs.Millennial perspective was authored by  Suzy Tonini

Daniel Nieves
Dan is Chief of Staff at, a video review and collaboration platform for the creative community. Prior to, Dan headed up Market Engagement at Zinc, an enterprise startup transforming how we communicate in today's mobile workplace. Before his time in startups, he spent four years at Deloitte as a strategy consultant where he helped clients transform their organizations through the use of digital technology. Dan graduated summa cum laude from Loyola University Maryland. Born and raised in New York, he recently returned and is now residing in Manhattan.

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